Our Mission

We are refashioning the way people understand about Premium Accessories shopping in our Phenomenal and wonderful country. We’re totally commited to establish a successful enterprise with a true-blue customer following.
There are ample of Websites that claim to be the Premium Online Accessories store in India , our company dont prioritise over the sayings but believe in proving it through our services of providing the finest quality Premium Accessories to our customers.


Our primary goal is to establish a brand simply by selling only High quality Premium Products and also providing the best amd easiest shopping experience for our customers.


We sell Premium Quality Phone Accessories including Cases, Covers, Tempered Glass, Screen guards, Cables, Wireless Chargers, Car chargers, Power Banks and iWatch accessories from around 50+ Top brands on our portal. we claim to have the best collection of Premium Products with ample of varities .


First and the foremost, You’ll never get a Fake (duplicate) product from ShopBasic. We promise that! if you shop one product from us, you’ll never go anywhere and only shop with us for your future Accessories need . We bet on that as the experience you will get while shopping with us and the quality you will get, will itself make you shop again with us as we believe in creating and maintaining a standard of selling our premium products with a qualitative approach.

We’re so confident because we dont believe in showing something and sending some other thing . We hate this strategy as much as you do. Despite knowing the fact that, many websites doing exactly this thing and causing problems for genuine sellers as well as customers, but Sir, this is world here e-commerce is growing in a very rapid rate that websites just dont care about cheating their customers. We can promise you to deliver exactly the same product that you will order from our website as the way we do business, we priortize our Customers first and also look deeply into the need of our customers.

After all, these days phone cases are not only for the protection of the phone but it reflects the personality that you carry with yourself and also becoming a style statement in today's world . You wear your cover more often than your favourite outfits and we totally understand that it has to be as perfect as it can be.

Consumer gets authenticity guarantee with our promise to return full price of the product for any lapse in our judgment of a fair deal. w And this is not just a written statement to convince you for placing an order, but will be followed religiously to keep intact the company's supreme reputation in the market and also maintaining the quality to achieve excellence in the field of providing premium Accessories to our customers .

We are totally aware of the fact, that, if We will provide the satisfaction to our customers and keep them happy with our quality of products and services they will make us Happy as well. What else the World need!



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